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Here, at Mental Health Wellness Boutique, we would like to introduce an “integrated” care treatment approach for mental health disorders where one clinician administers both - psychiatric medication treatment and supports psychotherapy to further benefit patients’ outcomes in fighting mental illness. Research has proven that combination treatment of psychotherapy along with psychotropic medication management is more effective and reduces the overall cost of care. At the same time, early identification and treatment of mental health disorders promotes faster recovery and are less detrimental not only for the patient but also for the entire family unit in the long run including the patient's children, spouse, parents, neighbors, friends, and/or other significant others. That’s why we would like to bring as much as possible awareness toward mental health illness. Did you know that 1 in 4 American people suffer a mental illness? The good news is that we know how to help you. In 80-90% of cases, patients feel better and their interpersonal relationships improve right after several consecutive sessions of close monitoring of medication management combined with psychotherapy treatment approach. However, please, don’t forget that some mental health issues require life-long maintenance, with significant improvement in the day-to-day level of functioning.

Mental health Awareness


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What is Play Therapy for children ages 3 to 9?

Play therapy is intended to target such psychological conditions and behaviors as impulsivity, anger issues, poor attention span and distractibility, depression, anxiety, and past emotional trauma. Child-centered play therapy (CCPT) is a therapy technique that allows the therapist to establish contact with a child by means of developmentally appropriate language which will allow child to release emotional tension and disturbances, worries and anxiety, and even past psychological trauma by means of Non-Directive or Directive Play Therapy. At the moment when a child is able to express him or herself a healing process starts. Play therapy allows to fully express and explore inner self feelings, thoughts, past experiences, and behaviors in a safe manner using a child’s natural way of communication (Crenshaw D.A. & Stewart A.L. Play Therapy: A comprehensive guide to theory and practice”).

In our practice we utilize Eric Erikson, Sigmund Freud, Lev Vygotsky and René Spitz child developmental theories in tailoring psychotherapeutic interventions in treatment of preschool and elementary school children, respectively.



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